Teething can be awful for babies. You are not alone! For many babies, it affects not only the mouth but the whole body. It can be physically and emotionally upsetting for the baby. Here are what some mums say about teething.

“Its Painful – they are in pain, so they cry & scream”
“Baby is unhappy – and it’s hard to put them down as they will be clingy, niggly, grumpy, irritable and just won’t settle down”
“Sleepless nights for everybody. It’s worse at night. It seems that baby cries louder, and of course you have to get up”
“Baby starts to dribble, and there’s lots of saliva!”
“Baby chews a lot, has his hand in his mouth and bites on everything he can get his little hands on”
“There are lots of other things that seem to happen at the same time as teething – raised temperature, diarrhoea, upset tummy, cold & runny nose, nappy rash and earache”